A Smarter City

Smart Green Spaces


10 projects were shortlisted for The City Centre's A Smarter City - Smart Buildings ideas competition.

The winner of this part of the competition was announced on 20 July.

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Royal BAM
An app designed to meet the changing nature of the workplace, providing users with the space they need, when they need it. 

BAMMuseum of London
VR City Timetransporter
An app that provides users with a fully immersive 360 degree virtual environment where they are transported back in time to view how the City’s landmarks appeared at key moments in history. 

Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture
The Thames Tidal Powered School
A proposal for an educational facility and housing unit powered by energy which has been created using the River Thames' tide.

McGregor Coxall
Living Breathing Lobbies
What if our lobbies could become an extension of our green-networks? A flexible, adaptable solution that uses live data to test the future role of these valuable spaces.

Chapman BDSP
The Smart Hub
A concept  of sharing resources across a cluster of nearby buildings, making them smarter, and the local environment cleaner.

Today I Feel
An app and web browser brings together smart building systems to make recommendations for where employees can work through creating intelligent suggestions based on the person’s mood. 

Momentum Transport Consultancy
Urban Servicing
Re-allocation of delivery space and smart delivery systems to reduce servicing impact using consolidated deliveries, electric bikes and even robots and drones.

Let's Go Bananas
A VR App that provides the user with information on pollution levels, energy performance data and built environment history to give people a better understanding of buildings' impact on the environment.  

Team Connect
Building Connect
An easy to access and simple to use app with interactive maps, vital building contacts, fire escape plans, information services and much more, for any building at the tip of your fingers.

Ingleton Wood & Nuaire
The Constellation Office
Innovative groups of hot desks around collaborative smart work spaces. These are arranged in flexible “constellations” based on changing demands.


Exhibition of the entries was on display at The City Centre from

21 Jul - 23 Sep