A Smarter City

Smart Infrastructure


6 projects have been shortlisted for The City Centre's A Smarter City - Smart Buildings ideas competition.

The winner of this part of the competition was announced on 5 October.

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Bright Bays
Bright Bays use parking bay sensors and live availability data to manage parking spaces flexibly. With this smart system, parking bays can be temporarily suspended and used for pop-up activities which bring life to the streets.

Energy Trading
Dedicated, flexible and scalable new electricity, heat storage and distribution infrastructure will be developed in under-utilised subterranean tunnels linking key nodes in the City.

Momentum Transport and McGregor Coxall
Smart Carpet
‘Smart Carpet’ is a living, thinking surface treatment that adaptively responds to user demand.

Smart Stations
Smart Stations shift the focus towards an important part of “pedestrian” life, using new and existing technologies to provide an enhanced, less stressful pedestrian station experience.

Urban Intelligence
Howard - Digital Planning Solutio
Urban Intelligence proposes the creation and adoption of the first-ever data-driven digital repository of planning rules and regulations.

The Landscape Partnership
Every step you take …
Every Step You Take generates energy through walking and sunlight. Average Londoners walk 30 min daily, that could provide enough power to charge your phone 3 times.



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Exhibition of the entries will be on display at The City Centre from

6 Oct - 16 Dec